The Craft Beer scene in India is greyer than your grandma’s hair. Most craft beers are brewed in vessels more suitable for commercial strong beers and are forced to brew in bigger brew lengths or batches. In such equipment, full extraction of nutrients and flavor from malt is not possible, the contamination is easy and oxidation is common.

This is where we decided to step in and build a space dedicated to the passionate crafted brews that were until now unable to maximize the potential in their recipes because of the flaws in the process design offered in the breweries today.


We are the Wallop Brewing Company established in Varanasi, India. Much like the city we birthed in, there are a lot of layers to us that will unfold itself in time. For now, we bring together experience across different disciplines and passions only to brew the best beer there is. We facilitate beer brands by offering them a refined process to brew their beer with special emphasis on the design and innovation in the brewing line.

We are here to revolutionise the craft beer industry. Towards this, we spent countless hours (over 10,000 to be kinda precise) on the design and fabrication of our process to bring only the truest and the cleanest process for our passionate team (who could not settle for anything less).